Sunday, July 4, 2010

"Barbie Drug" aka Melanotan II

If it isn't the ultimate fix! More than a tanning injection or a tanning pill that can give you the best tan ever, it also increases your sexual desires and helps you loose weight!!!

So what are the melanotan ii benefits?
  •     Gives you the perfect sunless tan
  •     Helps you get your ideal weight
  •     Increase your sexual desires and
  •     can most probably increase your sex/love life all together
  •     Can possibly save you from getting skin cancer (because this was the real intention of this drug)

But you know what they say about sounds "too good to be true..."

Lets dig deeper into what is this barbie drug, how it was invented, how it works and if it's safe.

Melanotan ii was invented at the University of Arizona. They hypothesized that an effective way to reduce skin cancer rates is to activate the melanin in the skin (a tan) prior to UV exposure.

Victor J. Hruby and Mac E. Hadley, found a peptide, [Nle4, D-Phe7]-α-MSH, that was approximately 1,000 times more potent than natural α-MSH. They dubbed this new peptide molecule, "Melanotan" (later Melanotan-1, now known as afamelanotide). They subsequently developed another analog, Ac-Nle-cyclo[Asp-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys]-NH2), which they called "Melanotan II"

During the first testing of this peptide in humans, tested on 3 males, they reported that there were only mild side effects, like mild nausea, sleepiness and spontaneous erection.

As further reasearch and testing was made on melanotan both Melanotan and Melanotan II have been proven to produce a tan without exposure to UV, which was also testified by users that report tanning in areas of the body that would seldom see the light of day! However, the tanning process is greatly accelerated by UV exposure. The tanning effects may not be uniform throughout the skin. This is due to the half life and distribution of the drug, and primarily in response to the concentration of melanocytes in certain areas of the skin. Most will notice the greatest tanning effect on the face, arms, abdominal region. Interestingly, the genitals have one of the highest concentrations of melanocytes enabling these particular areas to respond very well to the peptide in conjunction with UV exposure.

Clinical trials to determine efficacy of the drugs have typically used dosages up to 0.21mg/kg daily for Melanotan (16mg for a 75kg (165lb) individual), and up to 0.03mg/kg daily for Melanotan II (2.25mg for a 75kg (165lb) individual). At this level of dosage, the side effects that were reported are:

    * Nausea 85%
    * Facial Flushing 75%
    * Fatigue 44%
    * Vomiting 26%
    * Injection site reactions 13%
    * Zero incidence of erections
    * No change in vital signs or haematological parameters, blood biochemistry (liver and renal function)

FDA warning

In 2007, the FDA issued a warning to an American online vendor illegally marketing melanotan II on the internet as a drug that prevents skin cancer and assists tanning. The FDA has not licensed melanotan II, and explained: "There is no evidence that the product is generally recognized as safe and effective  for its labeled uses." The FDA concurrently gave a blanket warning advising consumers to, "stop using Melanotan II, an unapproved product"

As I do further research about melanotan ii, most reviews from users are all positive and I am yet to come across a fatal or serious side effects..

The band from FDA doesn't stop everyone from experimenting with this wonder barbie drug..


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