Thursday, July 22, 2010

Self Tanners During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a miracle of life. It's one if not the most wonderful stage in a woman's life. At this stage a mother has a lot of things to DO and NOT DO in order to ensure the health of the growing child inside her.

A mother who is used to having a lovely glowing caramel skin would wonder if she had to give this up too. This mother should be reminded that her baby's health should come first, and that she may not really have to.

First of all, when you are pregnant, you should really be careful what you apply on your skin, whatever our skin absorbs may also go to the placenta and affect your baby.

But studies has shown that DHA, the active ingredient in self tanners does not penetrate our skin and is generally safe to use during pregnancy. But it is strongly advise to not use this product during the first trimester which is the most crucial stage on your baby's development.

So if you decide you'll want to keep the best tan you get from your sunless tanner product, it will be safer to ask your doctor first. You may mention to your doctor that DHA does not penetrate the skin.

You should also be aware that pregnancy changes the woman's hormones and even your skin's usual reactions to products that you have been using before getting pregnant. You may get a darker tan or lighter tan than your usual, or you may look more orange than bronzed. So to be safe, test it first on a small area of your body and see it your skin reaction is still the same.

Self tanners is the only safe way to get your skin tanned during pregnancy, tanning beds, tanning pills and sun tanning would be very dangerous for you and your baby. Spray tanning could also post danger because you might inhale the tanning product.

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