Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best Tan Lines

Most People associates the absence of tan lines with fake tanning. And that if you do have tan lines then you must have some good ole time on the beach. :)

I remember some 10 years ago, when I was just a teeny-bop, I would specifically buy a swimsuit top that has strings crossing at the back to have that cute tan line. So what is the best tan lines for you?

Is it the BRA LINE. I love this tan line. I would wear a tube top just so I can flaunt that difference in skin tone. I also ask some male friends and this is on the top of there favorite tan lines in woman. Maybe it's their imaginations working when they see the marks of what could have been a very sexy swim suit.

Or do you prefer THONG LINES/ BIKINI LINES. That thong-to-thong-thong-thong! A real sexy tan line to show off. Flaunt it by wearing a low rise shorts or pants and a chest high top... Smoking?!?

WRIST WATCH LINE. The boring line. I almost always have this because I'm someone who always checks the time of day therefore is always wearing a watch. It's not really sexy but it does accentuate my summer look.

WORD LINES. If you are like my brother, he loves using masking tapes to spell out words on his back or chest for word tan lines. Cute and funny but can also be sexy depending on the word/s.

That's about the best tan lines I've had, next time I'll talk about the worst tan lines.

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