Monday, June 28, 2010

Canthaxanthin in Tanning Pills are NOT SAFE!

How Tanning Pills with CANTHAXANTHIN work!Canthaxanthin can easily dissolves in lipids, lipids make up the fatty layer directly under the skin's epidermis. The canthaxanthin molecules attach to this layer of fat cells directly under the skin, giving the epidermis a brownish orange color.

Seems to be EFFECTIVE right? But what is CANTHAXANTHIN!
Canthaxanthin is a cartenoid, which is a class of yellow to red pigments. Canthaxanthin colors brine shrimp and other crustaceans, as well as many fish, plants and mushrooms. Canthaxanthin is also known as Food Orange 8, carophyll red or roxanthin red 10, as a color additive in certain foods, including barbecue and tomato sauces, soups, salad dressings, fruit drinks, candies and cheeses. In fact, most red, orange or yellow processed foods list canthaxanthin as an ingredient.

So if it's used in Food Processing then IT MUST BE SAFE?

NO! For a tanning pills to work or for it to effectively tint the skin, you'll need to consume large doses of Canthaxathin, whichdiscovered to have serious side effects.

FDA Food And Drug Administration Prohibits the consumption of large doses of Canthaxanthin.
"Tanning Pills' Are Not FDA-Approved. Although canthaxanthin is approved by FDA for use as a color additive in foods, where it is used in small amounts, its use in so-called tanning pills is not approved. Imported tanning pills containing canthaxanthin are subject to automatic detention as products containing unsafe color additives."

Side Effects
Some adverse effects reported with tanning tablets include discoloration of the stool, palms of the hands, and soles of the feet; GI discomfort; canthaxanthin-induced retinopathy; and at least 1 case of aplastic anemia.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Avoid Brown Palms With Self Tanner

Have you ever have a problem of having dark brown or orange palms after applying a sunless tanning lotion???

Yup! I have too! So here is a tried and tested way to prevent just that!

1. Use gloves! It's that simple. I personally use surgical gloves because it's tight and fitted and doesn't crease when I apply my lotion.

2. Use a sponge roller paint brush. It actually work great. You can also thin your self tanner by adding a little water so you can work on it using a roller brush.

3. Wash your hands often. By washing your hands often while applying your fake tanning lotion you'll wash off the solution before it takes effect. For example, you can wash your hand after each section. It also helps if you apply a lotion or moisturizer in your hands before applying the self tanner.

4. Buy a self tan remover product like Modelco Tan Remover Exfoliating Body Scrub or St. Tropez Self Tan Remover

5. Use a tanning gloves, read again TANNING GLOVES. It's a self tanner that comes with an applicator, a glove, so you would worry about your palms. Nice right?

Do what you can to avoid those dark hands, of course we want our tan to look as natural as possible and an orange hand is just a dead give away!

  • Step 2
    St. Tropez Self Tan Remover

    St. Tropez Self Tan Remover

    The other option would be to buy an actual self tan remover product such as St. Tropez self tan remover.

  • Step 3
    Another great way to avoid tanning the palms of your hands is to put a bit of moisturizer on your hands and then apply the self tanner. Washing your hands after each section of self tanner is applied is important so you don't leave the self tanner on long enough to start processing. This is the most time consuming choice but it does help!

  • Wednesday, June 23, 2010

    Tips on Applying Sunless Self Tanner

    • Exfoliate. Since fake tanning lotions or self tanner use DHA to tint the skin, and DHA reacts only at the outermost layer of the skin and our skin sheds off thousands of dead skin everyday! It is essential for you to exfoliate to achieve the best tan, you'll be giving you self tanner a fresh and even skin to work on, plus your tan will wear off longer.

    • Shave or wax prior application. Doing this after will lighten/erase you tan. But wax or shave several hours before, skin's spores maybe too open and you might risk getting an allergic reaction or an uneven tan.

    • Wear the same clothes. If you must wear something like if you are trying to have some tan lines, wear the same outfit, a dark one and fitted like a black bathing suit.

    • Wear Gloves or use a roller paint brush. When applying you self tanner, use a surgical gloves or a roller brush to avoid getting you palms or hands very tinted. A sponge roller brush works great, specially in hard to reach areas.

    • 10 minutes after applying your sunless tanner, rub areas such as elbows and knees with a little lotion to lighten the effect. Rub lotion around wrists and backs of hands to blend with arms.

    • Lips and Nipples. The skin on your lips and nipples is nearly unaffected by sunless tanners. Go right over them when you apply sunless tanners. Trying to avoid those areas can lead to an unattractive buildup along their borders.

    • Belly button could darken a little too much. Wipe it using a wet cotton bud or swab or rub it with a cotton swab soaked in liquid eye make up remover.

    • Sunless tanner does not have enough sun screen. So a few hours after applying your fake tanning lotion, apply a liberal amount of sun screen. You can apply your self tanner at night and then you sun screen in the morning.

    • If you feel sticky after applying your sunless tanner, put some baby powder or bath powder to your skin thirty minutes to an hour after. Don't rub it in! Use a large body powder puff to apply.

    • Moisturize your "tan" every day.

    Monday, June 21, 2010

    Achieve a Natural Looking Tan from a Sunless Tanning Lotion

    Is it really possible to get the best tan from a lotion without exposing skin to the dangerous UV Rays of the sun?

    Yep! there are a lot of ways to achieve the nice sun-kissed skin you're looking for.

    One way is by using a sunless tanning lotion.

    There are many products in the market that can give you different shades of tan, that also offers different additional benefits besides giving you a bronzed skin.

    Cellex-C Bio Tan Sunless Tanning Gel 240ml is one of the best tanning product out there that gives you a natural looking tan. Bio-Tan is a glistening peach-colored, oil-free gel containing natural sugars and amino acids. This luxurious, silky formulation represents a real advance in the creation of a sunless tan. Bio-Tan works at a deeper level than other self-tanning products.

    Most tanning lotions works on the outermost layer of the skin but Bio-Tan's unique proprietary process creates color that projects from ‘within the skin’ in a similar way that the color of a natural tan radiates from the skin’s melanin pigment. This simulates the translucent glow associated with a naturally induced suntan.


    1. A totally unique, self-tanning formula that mimics a genuine golden sun tan.
    2. Contains DHA (dihydroxyacetone), most often derived from sugarcane or sugar beets. This natural sugar derivative, when applied to the skin, reacts with amino acids in the skin’s surface layers to create a tan-like color. DHA is safe and has been used in self-tanning products for over 35 years. Researchers have now perfected the level of DHA to produce an authentic looking color that closely emulates a real sun-tan.
    3. Contains erythrulose, a natural sugar and self-tanning agent which acts synergistically with DHA to produce a longer lasting, even tan with an attractive sun-bronzed color.
    4. Contains melanin, naturally extracted from cuttle fish ink. Melanin is an excellent anti-oxidant and free-radical neutralizer.
    5. Contains walnut extract. Traditionally used in skin treatments because of its fungistatic and astringent properties. It also contains a natural colorant, which imparts a subtle brown tint.
    6. Contains tyrosine, an amino acid that, when combined with tanning sugars, produces a quick and uniform looking tan. The color produced is amazingly close to that of a natural sun-tan.

    Oh did I forget to mention it's in a Gel form and their is a very specific way on applying it.. Takes a little more work than most sunless tanning lotion but it's worth your effort once you see the results and you may be surprise that it's your best tan ever!

    Here's how you apply Bio-Tan

    Step 1. The secret to this natural looking tan is exfoliation. Exfoliate your skin with Cellex-C Speed Peel & Polish Gel before applying or re-applying Bio-Tan. It makes all the difference.

    Step 2. Spread a generous amount of Bio-Tan Gel over your face and neck. Avoid eye area, eyebrows and hairline.

    Step 3. Do not blend at this stage. Allow one minute for the product to be absorbed into the upper layers of your skin. Then, gently massage any excess gel into your skin. Use the same procedure for other areas of your body. Wear a loose, old T-shirt and baggy pants until step 6 is completed.

    Step 4. Wash your hands with warm water and soap immediately after applying Bio-Tan. Then, using the sponge wedgie provided, apply the gel to your fingers and back of your hands if desired.

    Step 5. Apply an oil-free moisturizer to your face—Cellex-C Sea Silk—or to your body—Body Sheen & Toning Gel—to give your skin an extra glow. If your preferred moisturizer contains oil, wait 20 minutes before applying it as it may interfere with the color development.

    Step 6. After 3—4 hours, gently wipe your skin with a warm, damp washcloth. This will remove excess superficial color left on the surface of your skin. You will notice how the tan now reflects through your skin giving a totally natural light golden tanned appearance. If a deeper tan is desired, repeat the application of Bio-Tan.

    Step 7. To keep your tan looking fresh and natural, exfoliate every 2—3 days with Cellex-C’s Speed Peel & Polish Gel and then reapply Bio-Tan following the same steps as before.

    * Cellex-C Bio Tan also comes in a darker shade

    This product does not contain a sunscreen.

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Get an Even Tan inside a Spray Tanning Booth

    Even the sun can sometimes give you an "uneven" tan, but a Spray tanning booth can guarantee you a perfect even tan!

    What is spray tanning by the way?
    Spray Tanning is done either inside a booth or applied using an airbrush. Inside an spray tanning booth, a fine mist of tanning solution will be released. The process is very quick, usually less than 5 minutes. You don't really see the results instantly, it will usually take a few hours before the DHA in tanning solutions takes effect. However some airbrush tanning includes a bronzer in their solution to have a good visual of areas they've cover to give you the best tan. However the bronzer can be washed off by water, but don't worry because the DHA will soon take effect after a few hours.

    Tips before getting a spray tan.

    • Exfoliate. DHA reacts with dead skin cells so patches of dry sky can result in uneven coloring. Prior to getting a fake spray tan exfoliate your skin by using bath salts or loofah while taking a bath.
    • Wax or Shave Shave or wax before you get a spray tan. Waxing or shaving your hair will remove dead skin cell which will make your fake tan fade sooner.
    • Loose or Dark Clothing Some spray tanners also include a bronzer so to avoid staining your clothes wear something black or something loose.
    • Avoid Makeup, Deodorant, and Perfume Some products may prevent the tanning solution from working with skin and others can even turn your skin to turn green.

    There's no known bad side effects in using DHA however it is only permitted to be used externally by FDA, now in the case of tanning booths, FDA advise consumers to protect their eyes, mouths and nose to prevent inhalation of the substance.

    Saturday, June 12, 2010

    Instant Tan with a Bronzer!

    There are a lot of ways to get the best tan besides baking under the sun. Sometimes you can get an instant but temporary washable tan by using a bronzer.

    Bronzer is actually a make up that tints the skin and washes off with water, although some product comes with sweat or light water resistant.

    It's very easy to apply and you can easily adjust the shade of tan that you like. However bronzers can rub off to your dress so you should avoid applying on areas which will be covered by your dress.

    And wait till you shower, my room mate almost freaked out when she accidentally opened the bathroom door while I was taking a shower and washing off my bronzer, it was like a screen from a horror movie, my bathroom floor was a tint of darkbrown, maroon-ish, blood-like.

    When you apply your bronzer, make sure your skin is oil free, to make extra sure, it's best to apply it after shower when your skin is clean. If you are using a powder form bronzer, it's advisable to apply a little powder in the area that you're going to work on, it will serve as a base and to make sure that the area is oil free. Some bronzers come in cream or mousse form that you can latter into your skin like make up.

    Bronzer is a nice and easy way to achieve your desired tan, this fake tanning method is quick and safe

    Thursday, June 10, 2010

    Best Tan Lines

    Most People associates the absence of tan lines with fake tanning. And that if you do have tan lines then you must have some good ole time on the beach. :)

    I remember some 10 years ago, when I was just a teeny-bop, I would specifically buy a swimsuit top that has strings crossing at the back to have that cute tan line. So what is the best tan lines for you?

    Is it the BRA LINE. I love this tan line. I would wear a tube top just so I can flaunt that difference in skin tone. I also ask some male friends and this is on the top of there favorite tan lines in woman. Maybe it's their imaginations working when they see the marks of what could have been a very sexy swim suit.

    Or do you prefer THONG LINES/ BIKINI LINES. That thong-to-thong-thong-thong! A real sexy tan line to show off. Flaunt it by wearing a low rise shorts or pants and a chest high top... Smoking?!?

    WRIST WATCH LINE. The boring line. I almost always have this because I'm someone who always checks the time of day therefore is always wearing a watch. It's not really sexy but it does accentuate my summer look.

    WORD LINES. If you are like my brother, he loves using masking tapes to spell out words on his back or chest for word tan lines. Cute and funny but can also be sexy depending on the word/s.

    That's about the best tan lines I've had, next time I'll talk about the worst tan lines.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2010

    L-Tyrosine in Tanning Pills

    L-tyrosine is a nonessential amino acid (protein building block) that the body synthesizes from phenylalanine, another amino acid.

    It is found in many protein containing foods, such as meats, dairy products, fish, wheat and oats.

    Phenylalanine and L-tyrosine are sometimes prescribed as antidepressants, usually in combination with other nutrients and herbs that have mood elevating properties. Some doctors also recommend these amino acids for appetite control for weight loss.

    L-tyrosine produced by skin cells are made into melanin. Although there hasn't been any scientific evidence that L-tyrosine can help you get the best tan without some UV Rays exposure. Remember that only UV Rays exposure triggers our skin to produce melanin.

    According to my research, there are no known serious side effects. It is not known, however, whether or not long term use of L-tyrosine, most especially in large amount of more than 1,000 mg is safe, so you should seek advise from your doctor.

    L-tyrosine alone may not give you the shade of tan you'll want, actually it may not give you a noticeable tan at all. So if you're taking L-tyrosine as a supplement which contain pure L-tyrosine, you might not notice a difference in your skin. I recommend an L-tyrosine tanning pill with copper and beta carotene.

    My personal take on L-tyrosine, it alone does not give you the best tan, it does not produce melanin because our skin only produce melanin when exposed to the UV rays, however I strongly believe that it is a good tanning accelerator so you must use it in combination of other other chemicals, vitamins or lotions or a bit of sun tanning.

    Tuesday, June 8, 2010

    DHA in Tanning Lotions

    Tanning lotion can probably give you the best tan because it's safe and it nourishes you're skin at the same time unlike the real tanning process that actually damages your skin.

    Tanning lotion does not give you an instant tan, your skin color will change gradually by repeated and prolonged use.

    The most effective fake tanning lotions are those that contain DHA or dihydroxyacetone. DHA are approved by the FDA to be safe.

    When DHA comes in contact with the skin, a browning reaction occurs, DHA turns into a sugar that combines with the skin's amino acid to form the chemical compound melaninoid which are color brown.

    Remeber that fake tan does not protect you from the sun, so choose a tanning lotion that has SPH or apply another lotion with SPH to protect your skin from dangerous UVR of the sun.

    Monday, June 7, 2010


    Don't you just love a bronzed sun-kissed skin? Is your skin pale and you want to add more color by getting your skin tanned or you just want to sport a summer look? Whatever your reason for wanting to tan your skin, here are some valuable info that you should consider.

    How sun tanning works?
    Getting your skin tan under the sun is a natural process of the body. The sun emits harmful UV rays and to protect our cells from getting damaged the skin will produce melanin to block off the sun's harmful UV Rays.

    Too much exposure to the sun can be very bad, it can cause skin cancer, wrinkles and other skin diseases. When you must be exposed under the sun, wear sunscreen lotion with high SPH to protect your skin.

    What is Sunless Tanning
    It's the alternative to sun tanning, what you can also call fake tanning. It tans your skin minus the exposure to the harmful UV Rays of the sun. Examples of sunless tanning methods are applying tanning lotions, spray tanning, taking tanning pills and using tanning machines/tanning beds.

    Tanning Beds
    Is a machine that emits Ultraviolet Radiations (UVA). These machines uses florescent lamps that have phosphor blends designed to emit UV in a spectrum that mimics the sun's UV Rays. These rays triggers the skin to produce Melanin.

    Tanning Pills
    Tanning pills promises to tan your skin from within although there are no scientific proof yet of its claims. L-tyrosine is the usual key ingredient in tanning pills. Tanning pills are also considered tanning accelerator.

    Spray Tanning
    It's the airbrush technique of applying tanning products that tints the skin. It's harmless and usually a very quick process.

    Tanning Lotions
    Are lotions or creams that gradually gives you a tan. At the same time this lotions moisturizes the skin.

    Are make ups that gives you an instant tan, but like any other make up, it washes off.

    I personally suggest to avoid sun tanning and settle for a safer alternative, you maybe surprise that sunless tanning may give you the best tan!