Saturday, July 10, 2010

How To Get a Free Bottle of Sunless Tanner

I stumbled upon how you can get the best tan from a sunless tanner or self tanner, what makes its even better is that you can get a trial bottle for free! Which is absolutely cool because once you've tried it yourself, you'll see how amazing this self tanner is. This is currently on top of my list.One of my best buddy who is also crazy about skin tanning informed me about this new great product from Idol.Tan. Her tan was amazing, she looks like she was done by a top class make up artist. And I was surprised when I later realized she wasn't even wearing any foundation on her face, it was her tan, and her freckles where almost invisible! So I told her she gotta tell me what she's using. And so she told me of course and I went online to search for it, what did you know, they are offering free samples!

Got mine and I'm testing it out. Nice smell and it's in gel form.Great dark shade, not orangy at all. Let's see how long it will last, but according to my friends it stays awhile.

So what's keeping you from trying? It's DHA based and absolutely safe, it's wont cause any damage to your skin in any way.

So again what is the hold up? It's FREE! :)


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