Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Best Sunless Tanning Product of 2010

A couple of weeks ago, a friend introduced me to this new self tanner she's using. We both are crazy about tanning and that was the best glow I'd seen from her. I've made a quick blog post about it because I was so excited to share this new find and I promised to follow up a full review on it. And so here it is.

I am absolutely confident in saying that Idol Tan is the Best Sunless Tanning Product to date.

When I got my first tube, the first thing I did was to check on the manufacturer and do some background checks on them with the help of Mr. Google.

The company was founded in 2002 and is a proud member of the Natural Products Association, which meant they only use high quality, all natural and safe ingredients on their products. They are well known in the health care (and beauty) industry for producing some of the best treatment for wide range of condition, and one of them is skin care. And by the way Idol Tan is US manufactured ;)

So I had the product and I'm so eager to try it however I still have color from my last tanning product and I want to give it an honest review so what I just did was open it and took a sniff. I've been using self tanners for so long that I don't really care so much about the awful smell but Idol Tan is one of a few self tanning product that actually smells good.

After 3 days, my fake tan was completely gone and I exfoliated, moisturized and excitedly applied this product.It's in a gel form, easy to spread and dries up fast. Now I wouldn't say that this is foolproof, you're still prone to streaks if you don't apply it correctly, and brown palms can happen if you don't wear a glove or if you don't wash your hands every so often.

The color appears after 3 hours or so and the shade was just amazing. I have some moles in my arms and face that usually gets darker and more emphasized with sunless tanners but this product didn't darken them as much as the others which for me was a great deal because my skin looks cleaner. My tan lasted a good 7 days.

I've used so many products before and I know from experienced that Idol tan is not the best smelling product and not the most easy to apply either, however it's one of a very few self tanners that last more than 5 days.

But what makes this product the best is the tan it gives my skin. That's the most important IMHO (In My Honest Opinion). It's looks so natural, and a lot of people who are used to seeing me with a tan, and most already knows that I'm into fake tanning, compliments my glowing skin, some actually thought I cheated by getting a sun tan!!! Yup! That's me, I'm such a FAKE TANNER that fake tanning is natural and sun tanning is cheating.. :P

I highly recommend this product as the current best sunless tanning lotion in the market and what's even better than best is that they are running a special promo, as an introduction to the market you can get a bottle for free. It's a limited time only offer so I suggest you hurry. But if you missed the opportunity to get a free trial, buying a bottle is so worth it, you'll be stocking on this once you see your healthy glowing tanned skin.

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Sadie said...

Got my free bottle last week, this product is amazing!