Saturday, August 28, 2010

Problems With Your Self Tanners? Here’s the Solution!

You've experienced a lot horror stories involving streaking or orange palms? Self Tanners are easy to use once you have enough practice. But why is it so easy to make mistakes in using self tanners? It’s because of the active ingredient in all self-tanners called dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, this is the chemical that is responsible in tainting your skin (temporarily), once it came contact to your skin it will take effect within an hour and as soon as it starts, it’ll be hard to stop the process. So you better do good from the start to get your best tan.

Problem No. 1 Streaks
Uneven surface cause uneven tan. To avoid getting ugly streaks make sure to exfoliate your skin before using a self tanner product. This should be the number one rule in your self tanning book. Not only will you get an even skin to work on, by exfoliating and removing dead skin cells you’ll keep your fake tan longer.
Also make sure to have even application. Do circular motions when applying your self tanners, working on small areas at a time.

Problem No. 2 Brown Palms
Unless you’re going for a spray on tan or airbrush tanning, your hands will be the one to apply your self tanner all over your body. To avoid getting brown palms, you should wash your hands every so often while applying your self tanner. By washing your hand before the DHA activates in your skin you can be less prone to this problem. Wash your hand every 15 minute. Another way is to use a surgical glove, use the one that is tight so it won’t crease.
Another option is by using self tanner gloves or towels. The tanning chemical is in the gloves itself, you just need to rub them in your skin making your hands safe from over coloring. But don’t forget to rub the gloves on your hands too!

Problem No. 3 My knees and elbows turn orange.
This is normal due to the skin’s chemistry. To avoid it, make sure to apply lotion to your knees and elbows before applying the sunless tanner. After application, lightly damp some tissue and rub it gently over your elbows and knees, or by applying a little more lotion, then wiping that off.

Problem No. 4 Stinky Smell
This is a common problem. Most self tanners comes with an awful smell. And sometimes it not so easy to get rid of them. I've found that using a scented bath/shower gel is the best way to deal with this.

Problem No. 5 Staining on your clothes
Although some self tanners claims to be rub-off free, don’t risk it. Use dark clothing for at least 4 hours after applying your self tanner.

Problem No. 6 White Face
If you ever experience your tan washing off from your face, you have probably used a face cream with AHA just right before your self tanner application. That is because the active ingredient in the sunless tanner will tan the lotion, not your face. But don’t worry just don’t use your face product (with AHA) before applying your self tanner and you can use it again say after a 12 hours.

Problem No. 7 Flaking of Tan
Like mentioned above, exfoliation is very important. Also the flaking of your skin may be due to dryness, to take care of your tan and to prolong it, you must always moisturize your skin day and night. And also, drinking a lot of water nourishes the skin and will give your skin a nice healthy glow.

Problem No. 8 Orange Tan
Getting an orange tan is not your fault, it’s the product. About a few years ago, most fake tanners give this orangy tan that does not look flattering at all. But self tanners has improved and they are more natural looking than ever. Most fake tans looks even better that sun tan. So to avoid this scenario it’s best to get a good review of the product before using it, and to test it first on a small area of you skin.
Although you need to practice, using self tanners are not rocket science. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you’ll be sporting that perfect sun kissed glow all year round.

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