Friday, August 6, 2010

How To Remove Your Fake Tan

Experienced a sunless tanning disaster? It could look really awful and you may be so embarrassed that you want to get rid of it as soon as possible.
Well,  sunless tanning will fade off your skin even if you don't do anything about it, however it takes a few days or week before it's totally gone and your skin color is back to normal.

Although I would recommend that you just wait for it to fade, some people just doesn't have that luxury.

So here are some ways you can erase your fake tan. Note that different part of the body has different skin properties so one method may only apply to some areas and not for the whole body.

For the face and neck.
Sunless tanners does not stick very long on the face and neck. A few wash on your face with facial scrub may actually do the trick.

You may also use an alcohol free toner or a liquid make up remover to erase your sunless tan.

Another trick is to use baking soda, damn your face and scrub it with dry baking soda.

For other body parts
Soak in the tub, take a very long relaxing bath.. Don't scrub your skin vigorously although you may be attempted to do so. You may also use lemon and salt to scrub your body.

For your feet, ankles and elbows, you can scrub it with teeth whitening toothpaste.

All attempts failed
There are some product that are really hard to get off specially the ones that have darker color, for that you may want to buy a fake tan corrector such as St. Tropez Self Tan Remover

But if I were you, when someone looks at you funny because you look like a walking carrot, why not just tell them straight "Fake Tan Accident". This experience is something you'll just laugh at after a few days. :P

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