Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tips on Applying Sunless Self Tanner

  • Exfoliate. Since fake tanning lotions or self tanner use DHA to tint the skin, and DHA reacts only at the outermost layer of the skin and our skin sheds off thousands of dead skin everyday! It is essential for you to exfoliate to achieve the best tan, you'll be giving you self tanner a fresh and even skin to work on, plus your tan will wear off longer.

  • Shave or wax prior application. Doing this after will lighten/erase you tan. But wax or shave several hours before, skin's spores maybe too open and you might risk getting an allergic reaction or an uneven tan.

  • Wear the same clothes. If you must wear something like if you are trying to have some tan lines, wear the same outfit, a dark one and fitted like a black bathing suit.

  • Wear Gloves or use a roller paint brush. When applying you self tanner, use a surgical gloves or a roller brush to avoid getting you palms or hands very tinted. A sponge roller brush works great, specially in hard to reach areas.

  • 10 minutes after applying your sunless tanner, rub areas such as elbows and knees with a little lotion to lighten the effect. Rub lotion around wrists and backs of hands to blend with arms.

  • Lips and Nipples. The skin on your lips and nipples is nearly unaffected by sunless tanners. Go right over them when you apply sunless tanners. Trying to avoid those areas can lead to an unattractive buildup along their borders.

  • Belly button could darken a little too much. Wipe it using a wet cotton bud or swab or rub it with a cotton swab soaked in liquid eye make up remover.

  • Sunless tanner does not have enough sun screen. So a few hours after applying your fake tanning lotion, apply a liberal amount of sun screen. You can apply your self tanner at night and then you sun screen in the morning.

  • If you feel sticky after applying your sunless tanner, put some baby powder or bath powder to your skin thirty minutes to an hour after. Don't rub it in! Use a large body powder puff to apply.

  • Moisturize your "tan" every day.

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