Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Get an Even Tan inside a Spray Tanning Booth

Even the sun can sometimes give you an "uneven" tan, but a Spray tanning booth can guarantee you a perfect even tan!

What is spray tanning by the way?
Spray Tanning is done either inside a booth or applied using an airbrush. Inside an spray tanning booth, a fine mist of tanning solution will be released. The process is very quick, usually less than 5 minutes. You don't really see the results instantly, it will usually take a few hours before the DHA in tanning solutions takes effect. However some airbrush tanning includes a bronzer in their solution to have a good visual of areas they've cover to give you the best tan. However the bronzer can be washed off by water, but don't worry because the DHA will soon take effect after a few hours.

Tips before getting a spray tan.

  • Exfoliate. DHA reacts with dead skin cells so patches of dry sky can result in uneven coloring. Prior to getting a fake spray tan exfoliate your skin by using bath salts or loofah while taking a bath.
  • Wax or Shave Shave or wax before you get a spray tan. Waxing or shaving your hair will remove dead skin cell which will make your fake tan fade sooner.
  • Loose or Dark Clothing Some spray tanners also include a bronzer so to avoid staining your clothes wear something black or something loose.
  • Avoid Makeup, Deodorant, and Perfume Some products may prevent the tanning solution from working with skin and others can even turn your skin to turn green.

There's no known bad side effects in using DHA however it is only permitted to be used externally by FDA, now in the case of tanning booths, FDA advise consumers to protect their eyes, mouths and nose to prevent inhalation of the substance.

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