Saturday, June 12, 2010

Instant Tan with a Bronzer!

There are a lot of ways to get the best tan besides baking under the sun. Sometimes you can get an instant but temporary washable tan by using a bronzer.

Bronzer is actually a make up that tints the skin and washes off with water, although some product comes with sweat or light water resistant.

It's very easy to apply and you can easily adjust the shade of tan that you like. However bronzers can rub off to your dress so you should avoid applying on areas which will be covered by your dress.

And wait till you shower, my room mate almost freaked out when she accidentally opened the bathroom door while I was taking a shower and washing off my bronzer, it was like a screen from a horror movie, my bathroom floor was a tint of darkbrown, maroon-ish, blood-like.

When you apply your bronzer, make sure your skin is oil free, to make extra sure, it's best to apply it after shower when your skin is clean. If you are using a powder form bronzer, it's advisable to apply a little powder in the area that you're going to work on, it will serve as a base and to make sure that the area is oil free. Some bronzers come in cream or mousse form that you can latter into your skin like make up.

Bronzer is a nice and easy way to achieve your desired tan, this fake tanning method is quick and safe

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